Ingleside Merchants Association Holds Town Hall About Transportation and Economic Recovery

On Wednesday, July 1, Ingleside Merchants Association Secretary-Treasurer Neil Ballard hosted a meeting about public transit and economic recovery in the Ingleside. More than 20 people attended.

Ballard, who is also the District 7 representative on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Citizens Advisory Council, gave an overview of the state of transit projects in the district.

The meeting attendees then gave their feedback about the transportation challenges that the Ingleside faces and what needs to be done to get things back on track.

Several attendees said that they eagerly awaited the return of the K-Ingleside to get to West Portal and beyond. Attendees also supported the idea of a Slow Street in the Ingleside, and suggested Farallones Street and Grafton Avenue as possible Slow Streets.

Attendees generally expressed an urgent desire for greater attention to be paid to pedestrian safety, bicycle infrastructure, and transit reliability in the Ingleside, which has been historically overlooked.